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The lines you ride, the tyres you trust

There are many reasons to go for a ride. To exercise, to enjoy a relaxing stroll in the woods, to go to work every morning, or even to share a nice moment with a loved one. We ride on the roads, on trails, in the mountains, in the rain… We ride almost everywhere.

After all, it’s a fun outdoor eco-friendly activity, so why not give it a go ? Well, even though it’s fun and exciting, riding a bike is an adventure for which you must be properly geared up. 

That’s why we craft tyres ready to encounter any situation a bike can get into. Thanks to mountain bikers like Cameron Zink, who go for 30-foot high backflips, we developed and innovated our tyres to ensure absolute maximum performance for all riders. 

In the end, you don’t have to do backflips to #RideOnMichelin, it’s the trust you gain whenever you do! 

MICHELIN has developed a whole range of tyres for bicycle that you can use in the city, on the road or off-road. 

The faith of the freerider

Cameron Zink is a pro MTB freerider. Mountains are his garden, dirt is his playfield. His stunts are gnarly, breathtaking. They require skills, hard work, everlasting concentration, and an absolute faith in his equipment.

Indeed, to perform at a high level, a lack of confidence isn’t allowed.

That’s why we partner with Cameron Zink to innovate at a high level. Through our experience in crafting freerider’s tyres, we are able to ensure the maximum trust a tyre can offer.

In the end, even if you’re not a pro freerider, even if you don’t need absolute confidence and focus, whatever the lines you ride, you can trust our tyres. 

Motion For Life, Michelin - Trusted brand Mountain Bike 43s - USA

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Around the world, the MICHELIN® Guide recommends the restaurants worth your trip and offers more than 3,000 starred restaurants in over 32 countries.

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MICHELIN is trusted to land a third of the commercial planes in the world.

Electric vehicules mfl

With electric mobility on the rise, MICHELIN develops tyres that increase the battery range of vehicles.


MICHELIN is investing in recycling to repurpose waste into tyres.

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MICHELIN offers a wide range of products and services
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