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MICHELIN Electric Vehicle

One of our challenges today is to extend the battery range of our electric vehicles.

A little-known fact is that tyres represent 30% of the energy consumption of a vehicle. That’s due to the rolling resistance of tyres, which ensures a safe, smooth grip between a vehicle and the road.

Improving the equilibrium between rolling resistance and energy consumption has been an on-going industry challenge, especially for electric vehicles whose battery ranges we’re striving to increase.

At MICHELIN, lowering the rolling resistance of our tyres has piloted our innovations over the years. Since 1992, we’ve launched five generations of car tyres and three generations of truck tyres that have superior energy efficiency.


MICHELIN designs tyres specifically for electric cars, mountain bikes, bicycles, and scooters, that allow them to decrease their battery drain and travel longer distances.


Michelin Guide

Everywhere in the world, the MICHELIN Guide recommends the restaurants worth your trip and offers more than 300 starred restaurants over 32 countries.


MICHELIN is trusted to equip one out of three commercial aircrafts in the world, and ensures your safety while landing at up to 420km/h.

public transit

By equipping subways from Shanghai to Paris, MICHELIN is an advocate for public transportation, and helps over 10 million passengers through a seamless commute, daily. 

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