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When to Replace SUV Tyres

      Changing your SUV tyres will differ depending on your use.

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Refer to How many miles can I expect from an SUV tyre? for more information on driving variables and the impact on tyre life.

If you have been driving on the tyres for more than five years, it is essential to have them thoroughly checked by a professional at least once a year. Similarly, if the tyres are 10 years old, then we highly advise changing them for new ones. Despite the fact they may still appear in good condition to the untrained eye, as a precaution, it is crucial to replace them.

There are ways of maintaining your tyre tread, however. This includes:

  • Avoiding harsh accelerating and braking
  • Avoiding heavy cornering
  • Avoiding driving along kerb edges with forced contact and abrasion
  • Checking the load/speed description of the tyre to ensure you are driving within the relevant capabilities.

When tyre thread reaches 1.6mm, you have reached the legal limit and tyres should be changed immediately for your own driving safety but also to avoid substantial financial penalty if you are stopped by the police. With performance made to last, your Michelin tyres will be safe until the legal limit.

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