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What Does Your Car Say About You?

From the jacket on your back to the music in your ears, all your choices in life reflect your personality.

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However, have you ever considered that the wheels you choose to navigate life with on a daily basis could speak volumes about what you’re like as an individual?

In 2019, one would struggle to differentiate between people based on their vehicle choice due to the fact we often see multi-millionaires travelling around in a ‘clapped-out old banger’ that would not look out of place in Aubrey Boyce’s showroom, simply to remain as shrewd as humanely possible. Meanwhile, those with more modest incomes may use various finance offerings to help them drive their brand new car out of the showroom.

Here, we take a light hearted approach to how your choice of car could be linked to other preferences in your life. We used an internet poll to examine what colour, size, and, of course, manufacturer could mean for you. 

suv 1


Rising to popularity over the past two decades thanks to their unquestionable versatility, the SUV (sports utility vehicle) has connotations of compounded safety and sturdiness, however, does driving one actually reflect upon you as being particularly cautious?

Age: 40+
Interests: Snooker
Pets: Alsatian, Labrador
Weekends: Hiking
Work life: Quantity Surveyor
Music: The Killers
Film: Bridge Over the River Kwai
saloon suv


Existentially executive, a saloon style car is often sleek and stylish, promoting an overarching professional image. The market for saloons in recent years has been dominated by the popularity of the likes of the Audi A4, hugely popular thanks to the comfort and class in which they provide.

Age: 25-39
Interests: Gym
Pets: None
Weekends: Socialising
Work life: Graphic Designer
Music: Eric Prydz, Peggy Gou
Film: Die Hard


When someone mentions the term hatchback, we all have to admit some form of guilt in regard to our minds reverting to an image of a 17-year old boy racer, complete with a peak cap on top, and bore exhaust at the rear. In reality, these preconditioned assumptions are a long way from the truth. The Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 206, and the Volkswagen Polo, three of the most popular hatch-back models across the world since the turn of the millennium.

Age: 18-24
Interests: Love Island
Pets: Miniature Schnauzer
Weekends: Flat-white coffee
Work life: Full-time student
Music: Sam Fender, Lewis Capaldi
Film: Bridesmaids, Silver Linings Playbook

Sports Car

Perhaps the most fun car to drive, particularly if you see yourself as somewhat of a petrol head, the personality traits of someone who drives a sports car are fairly simplistic to work out. The Porsche 911 is deemed by many as one of the pinnacle vehicles in this class, and research suggests that drivers tend to be male and married, and it should come as no surprise that their favourite hobbies include driving — why would it not when you’ve a Porsche sat in the garage?

Age: 50+
Interests: Rugby
Pets: Cat
Weekends: Motorbiking
Work life: Gas Engineer/ Retired
Music: Muse, Rolling Stones
Film: Shawshank Redemption


You wouldn’t be shunned for automatically assuming that the average driver of an estate car, such as the Skoda Octavia, is a middle-aged man — in fact you would be pretty much bang on the money. Much like the SUV, which provides drivers with a copious amount of luggage space, the estate style vehicle, particularly ones equipped with a roof rack, allows for cycling, golfing, and hiking gear, plus much more.

Age: 40+
Interests: Mountain biking
Pets: Collie
Weekends: Relaxing
Work life: Police officer
Music: Foo Fighters, Snowpatrol
Film: TED

In terms of colour, the tone in which someone decides to have their car sprayed actually says significant amounts regarding their personality then one would first think. Red, reflecting the colour which attracts the raging bull, suggests someone is impulsive, highly ambitious, and will often be the life and soul of the party. On the other side of the spectrum, blue insinuates serenity, stability, and wisdom. Meanwhile, dulcet shades, such as grey is somewhat of an introvert and genuinely unbothered by the aesthetic magnetism proposed by their car.

No matter what car you’re driving, and no matter what it says about you as a person, to keep you on the right track and driving with optimum grip, you require a set of quality tyres, with performance made to last. Here at Michelin, we provide rubber compounds that cater for every weather condition and performance required by every type of vehicle.
booming small

The booming economy of SUVs in Europe

The Jeep Cherokee paved the way for a new type of vehicle that was soon to dominate the market.

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