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  • Passenger car-High performance sedans


  • Passenger car-High performance sedans
  • Premium precision handling
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Chosen by premium carmakers

Why should you consider this tyre?

Providing all-season sport handling and a quiet, comfortable ride, this tyre is original equipment on vehicles such as the Cadillac CTS, Acura TL and Mercedes C-Class.

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Feel Every Curve.*

European-handling profile with rounder shoulder keeps you in tune with every corner and enables you to push your vehicle to the edge of its performance capabilities.*

Auto GIF reduction tuning Tyres

Enjoy a Quiet, Comfortable Ride.

Michelin Comfort Control Technology™ uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to reduce vibrations and road noise.

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Tread design with MaxTouch Construction(TM) for even tread wear and numerous biting edges for all-season grip combine to deliver kilometres of driving pleasure.†

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Michelin always aims to bring together multiple performances.

At MICHELIN®, we continuously push safety, durability and fuel efficiency, and even more performances, all at the same time and with no trade-offs. That’s what we mean by MICHELIN® Total Performance ™, which has and will always be our difference on every tyre.

What people are saying
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4 reviews
5 / 5

Best tires on the road

Retrn - June 27, 2012

Michelin has always been my #1 choice in tires. Their quality and performance is always top level.

    5 / 5

    Awesome Tires!

    Cindy - June 12, 2012

    These tires have great traction in rain and handle extremely well. They are far superior to the Cotinental tires they replaced.

      4 / 5

      Good quality product.

      BB54 - May 15, 2012

      Once these tires were on the car the noise levels, ride and handling characteristics were immediately improved. They are an example of Michelin's standard of quality. I cannot judge the tread life or snow traction as they have not been on the car for long and not through winter.

        Do you own this tyre?
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        Does this tyre fit my vehicle?

        3 sizes available for this tyre


        P245/50R17 98V TL
        Section Width 245
        Height 50
        Rim Diameter 17
        Load 98
        Speed V
        P235/50R18 97V TL
        Section Width 235
        Height 50
        Rim Diameter 18
        Load 97
        Speed V
        P235/55R18 99H TL
        Section Width 235
        Height 55
        Rim Diameter 18
        Load 99
        Speed H


        Legal information


        The sizes and/or speed ratings listed may vary slightly from the specified OE size shown on the vehicle placard. Your local tyre dealer, as a trained professional, will provide the required assistance to install the listed tyre by: 


        1. Notifying the owner if the replacement tyres are different in speed rating than the OE tyres and the maximum speed capability of the vehicle is limited to the lower speed rated tyres. 
        2. Determine if any inflation pressure adjustments are necessary with the alternate listed size.

        *Exceeding the safe, legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.


        OE [Vehicle Manufacturer] Sidewall Marking: * = BMW, MO = Mercedes-Benz, AO = Audi
        OE Code [Original Equipment Key]: AC = Acura, AU = Audi, BM = BMW, C = Chrysler/Dodge, F = Ford, GM = General Motors, HO = Honda, HY = Hyundai, I = Infiniti, J = Jaguar, K = Kia, MA = Mazda, L=Lexus, MB = Mercedes-Benz, V = Volvo, VW=Volkswagen

        XL = Extra Load
        ZP = Zero Pressure Run-Flat Technology

        >>The dimensions shown are average tire design values for tires measured on specified measuring rim widths. Some tires may vary from this value by +/- 3% of the section height (affecting overall diameter), and +/- 4% of the section width.

        WARNING: Serious or fatal injury may result from improper mounting, from underinflation/overinflation/overloading or from tire damage due to abusive use.

        Michelin Middle East Inc. does not endorse the operation of any vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner. Excceding the safe, legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.

        IMPORTANT: While all-season tires are designed to provide reliable performance in moderate winter conditions, the use of four (4) tires is recommended for optimal preformance and may be mandatory in certain jurisdictions.

        DANGER: Never mount a 14" diameter tire on a 14.5" rim, or a 15" diameter tire on a 15.5" rim, or a 16" diameter tire on a 16.5" rim, or a 17" diameter tire on 17.5" rim, or a 19" diameter tire on a 19.5" rim, or a 22" diameter tire on a 22.5" rim, or a 24" diameter tire on a 24.5" rim.

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